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that. i don't understand why companies do this anymore. why bother. to me, doesn't seem like the best business model. that is my "two cents more". and that is it for tonight's "willis report." gerri willis will be back tomorrow. i am sheltered sunny, have a great night. lou: good evening, everybody, i am lou dobbs. violent anti-american protests and demonstrations that have been spreading across the muslim world. in afghanistan today, hundreds of protesters attacking police officers on the road that leads to the u.s. embassy in kabul. in pakistan, protesters clashing with police on the border with afghanistan, and in indonesia, demonstrators attacking riot police with shops, throwing rocks at the u.s. embassy in
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chicago. anti-american demonstrations cropping up in more than 20 countries since last tuesday. the white house tonight insists that the attack for ambassador christopher stephens and the other americans, rose out of early protest against an anti-muslim film. all of this, despite reports from within libya and libya's president said the incident was a well planned, coordinated, per meditated attack on an unsupported unfortified consulate. coinciding with the september 11 attacks. we will be taking all of that up here tonight. with former deputy secretary deputy secretary of defense, president of the world bank, paul wolfowitz and john bolton and national security adviser k.t. mcfarland. for new hampshire governor and white house chief of staff and governor mitt romney, john
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sununu. the obama administration, at odds with the libyan government over the details of last week's attacks in benghazi. the white house, funding for nearly a week that the violence and the protests brendan got the muslim world is based solely on a entitle him it internet video and that the murders in libya were a spontaneous result of this process. >> the information, the best information on the best protection we have today is that in fact, this was not a pre-planned, premeditated attack. that would have been initially, it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. as a consequence of the video. lou: the libyan interim president talks about the event
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in the way in which they unfolded in benghazi and why. he believes foreign al qaeda fighters have been pouring into libya since the revolution began, and that the attack against the ambassador and the consulate was carefully plotted to occur on the anniversary of september 11. >> i think we have chose the specific dates of the so-called demonstration. i think this leaves us with no doubt that this is a pre-planned to determine. >> witnesses and intelligence sources on the ground, in benghazi, telling fox's the basalt and with no warning and came in two ways. the first wave of attackers with rocket propelled grenades. a second wave of the assault, going after the motorcade of the
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american personnel who were evacuating the consulate. meanwhile, the obama administration remains intent on blaming an anti-muslim movie, rather than taking responsibility for what transpired. president obama placed the blame elsewhere as he has some struggling economy, for example, since he took office. my next guest says blaming those rights unobscured video is an effort to avoid the message that al qaeda is sending across them middle east. al qaeda remains still in the fight. joining us now is paul wolfowitz. former president of the world bank and deputy secretary of defense and the bush administration. currently, a scholar at the american enterprise institute. good to have you with us. me turn first to these claims made five times over yesterday across the sunday talk shows by ambassador rice, that this was a
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spontaneous response in libya in the city of benghazi, that was a follow-on set off by this movie. >> i find it astonishing as we do this. they come in with rocket propelled grenades and mortars and this is supposed to be spontaneous reaction of some obscure video that appeared back in july? no, you cannot escape the fact where they raise the black flag of a qaeda. trying to send a message on september 11. i think the administration would tonight because it undercuts the storyline that killing bin laden was just an enormous victory. look, it was a good thing to kill the modern, but it's very misleading but now we have solved the problem.
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this is going to be a very long struggle. people we are up against have a lot of patience and we have to have patience as well. lou: peace protests are continuing across the muslim world. from indonesia to north africa, is it your sense that they are going to continue? which is the obama administration do in response? >> well, they had an election in libya back in july. in that election, the muslim brotherhood came in and the solace is that we think are responsible for these attacks, is about one out of 80. so the libyan people have made their voice very clear. the problem is the militias in libya with all the guns and weapons were equipped while the united states led from behind to do nothing.
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something one of the lessons is when there is this kind of thing, we should be in there, helping our friends in this case establish law and order. the public reaction in libya, the killing of the ambassador is frankly very sympathetic to the united states. and i think we should be taking advantage of that. lou: we didn't like the results of the election in egypt, but they also had an election, they also had change direction, again from a direction that the united states is not particularly enamored with. nonetheless, they had changed the character of their government in the direction of the nation. what should we do there as well? >> well, i think that we should be a lot clearer about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. it was unacceptable for the president of egypt come to the united states into the case of sitting in jail because of the 1993 world world trade center
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bombing. it is certainly unacceptable for president mohammed morsi of egypt basically equivocate about whether he was pro or con, these demonstrations and security forces, sitting on their hands for nothing. i think we really need to be very clear about what we expect from this government, whether they are elected or not. they are responsible now for the country. and they are contrary to fundamental interest. >> but that has not been the policy. certainly during this administration, because, for one thing, when the sunnis knew that there were some guarded response to provocation, if you will, and actions against our national interest, because we are engaged in two wars, rack and now, continuing in afghanistan with a military that is severely tested by the challenges that they still face in afghanistan and in other countries, not only in the middle east and north africa, as you know.
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>> the president bragged about ending the war in iraq. people think the united states bailed out. they see us doing nothing in syria and instead doing savage massacres. in the case of libya, we sat on our hands and did very little for 15 months, and the extremist became stronger and stronger. it's is on the freighter during an serious. >> meanwhile, benjamin netanyahu, and barack obama are having a rather public viewed at a time when tensions are rising in the threat by iran seems to be escalating and action by the israeli military seems to be, if benjamin netanyahu is clearly communicated a message, it
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appears to be clearly near us. >> i have been trying to read this for months and i don't know where it is headed. but i do think the administration bears some responsibility for having the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff start lecturing at the united nations for themselves -- it was almost an indication for netanyahu essay instead of giving us a red light, you could get redline through this. i think this whole discussion should be taking place because it contains critical information lou: speaking loudly in the minds of many, interjecting themselves into a presidential election in this country. what are your thoughts? >> no, i don't know, i don't think understandably, i think
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they must certainly want to stay out of on his good side, especially if they think he's going to win. i just think they are feeling very desperate, rather cornered by the way the iranian program keeps moving along. in the sense that nobody else takes it seriously, except for the people who do take its earthly, the saudi's and the people in the persian gulf. lou: wants the ones who existence depend on the next steps. paul wolfowitz can we thank you and we appreciate it. >> is it is good to be with you. thank you. the one governor romney reemerges on the campaign trail. how was he this weekend? and where is the governors republicans or? we will ask governor john sununu. is it possible he is the new scott walker? we take it all up into nice
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lou: governor romney on the campaign trail today as violent demonstrations persist and spread through out the muslim world. governor john sununu will be joining us in moments to assess the governors handling of what has become a crisis on wall street. on wall street today, an update. markets giving up some of last
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week's gains, modest losses come the dow jones industrial closing down 40, snapping up a four-day winning streak. the nasdaq and s&p 500 down five points. yields on the 10 year treasury notes dropping four basis points down to 1.884%, the 30 year yield. dropping six basis points to 1.03%. we are starting to see some adjustment. crude oil plunging more than what we expected, $92 per girl. a little explanation, many planning a possible release from the strategic petroleum reserve. those rumors were quashed an overseas, european markets down on the day, partly because of uncertainties surrounding spain, which hasn't asked for a bailout and not somehow frustrate some europeans. you would think it would be the inverse. the euro slipping against the dollar slightly. hitting a four-month high earlier in the day.
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corporate news tonight appleshare is closing at record high of just about $700 per share after apple had pre-orders for the iphone-5 was more than double those for the iphone-4s. that is a favorable turn. at&t, horizon, sprint, all moving higher on the day as well. governor romney, as i said, back on the campaign trail. he spent the weekend out of the public eye, as the middle east crisis continues. a new pew research poll shows 40% of americans disapprove of governor romney's response to the attacks in libya, while 26% approve. joining us now is the senior romney campaign advisor, new hampshire governor, former chief of staff of the white house, john sununu for president george h. w. bush. let's talk about the unfavorable reaction, part of the governors
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handling of his comments following the tragedy in benghazi. >> look, the important thing that happened that happened last week was in the comments. the important thing that happened last week is that all of a sudden people are seeing the failings of the obama foreign policy. i use the phrase that this is -- that the emperor has no clothes moment. people are beginning to understand that even though he has been telling us everything is fine and everything is not fine -- countries around the world demonstrating against america and really emphasizing the fact that they are no longer -- they're no longer is up to 3.5 years of a policy that has no red lines and no definition of what it wants or doesn't want, the rest of the world does not respect america anymore. >> to that point, i want to share with you a pool that we have just received from pew research. i don't know if you're aware of it, but it has just been released from a survey from
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september 13 through 16, response to the attacks in the middle east and views -- views of those respondents to the united states, if we could go to that poll, please. we have apple? >> okay, i'm told it's coming, that is the technical prowess if you will be patient. >> read the numbers to me because i don't see anything on the screen. >> okay, i will do that. i'm going to ask for more time, are they coming? >> i'm getting a yes, sir. all right,. >> i can't say yes to you for anything. [laughter] lou: not on my best day. that is the kind of foreign policy to me. we need someone who can establish that kind of credibility for america around the world. that is why you need mitt romney. >> since i am representing broadcast on i can say that yes, that is credibility here.
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true to their word, my colleagues have provided these numbers and i will share them with you as the audience can see. this is their view of the united states. in 2009, as president obama took office, only 4% had an unfavorable view of the united states. i will remind everyone that president obama said that he will change all this. and he did. now, the number is 86% unfavorable in georgia. the 13th through the 16th by you research. in pakistan, moving to almost 80%, and in egypt, 70% to 79%. currently the direction that this president -- but we assume that he would be able to stick this country 3.5 years ago. >> those numbers are even worse than they hate u.s. on first blush. the numbers at the beginning of
7:20 pm
the obama administration is when the u.s. was suffering from a very difficult, long war in iraq. president bush, before him, have started withdraws, i think this is some better numbers than the 74 and the erosion is even worse. this president has had a policy, which has created disrespect for america. the likability factor is not the most important. the respect factor is most important. you are seeing the reactions that have so much violence involved in this. the definition of what happens when we lose respect around the world. we are the last superpower. we have a responsibility to help stabilize. instead, we have created a vacuum of power that has destabilized the world.
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lou: i suppose that is a difficult, if you will, a difficult balance. knowing when a refusal to exert capriciously or irresponsibly in the region of the world, and understanding the difference between creating a vacuum in that part of the world. the united states has not had, as president george w. bush famously put it, a humble foreign policy since you can argue today, you have to go back to, at least, i think, the administration of george h. w. bush to talk about humility in foreign policy. >> you have touched on the administration absolutely understood how to create that talent and they understood because it was the president came in with the experience that that is why mitt romney's
7:22 pm
experience is so important. sit down deal with a complicated issue, you evaluate what you can do, what you can do, how much you can push here and there. you are negotiating with the legislator, you are negotiating a policy that affects people around the world. you have to be smart enough to have done it before. we have a president in office with zero experience in sitting down and negotiating anything. what you need is somebody that understands that there is give and take in the process. and i think the most important thing that mitt romney brings to the table as having been through that difficult situation, not only in the private sector, but as governor of the state of massachusetts. lou: john, i'm not going to have to put you down as undecided in this contest at all? >> you can put me down and stared. and i am scared that this president has created a situation in the world that puts my kids and my grandkids in
7:23 pm
jeopardy. lou: governor john sununu, always a pleasure and thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: turning to the box office which rebounded over the past weekend, plenty of room for improvement following the worst showing at the box office in a decade a week ago. the fifth installment of resident evil, the top earner grossing an estimated $21.1 million or beat the original film but it brought in less on the opening weekend. the second, third, and fourth installment. ew have a franchise when you start talking about second, third, and fourth. the release of finding nemo in 3-d. 17.5 million. dropping to number three. i $.8 million. up next, chicago teachers strike. we do, mayor rahm emanuel. playing hardball with the city's teachers. how hard would it be for him to let them all go? we will take a look at imaginative responses to strike
7:24 pm
its next talk talk. later, is really prime minister netanyahu ushering the obama administration, a hard deadline on iran. what gives them the right to make demands of an american president? we will be taking that up with john bolton. and kt mcfarland in just moments everyone in the nicu,
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♪ lou: chicago schools themselves is a mess. earlier today the mayor asked a state court to of course the more than 26,000 teachers out on strike to go back to work. the judge said no way. no immediate hearing, no injunction. the judge scheduled a hearing for wednesday. primarily the judge was asking them to wait a minute.
7:28 pm
joy you saying you need an injection this week but not last week? was the deal? so the union delegates are meeting tomorrow after the end of russia shot tonight. a spokesman for the union says the mayor is really just a big boy. >> i think it's like silencing our voices. it's what the mayor did in nato when he tried to shut down protests. >> very simple. they need time to go back to their members. they need to think clearly about what this represents. we have gone without pay for five days. that is an important decision that was not made lightly. and they want to when they come back to it with a clear conscience. lou: a clear conscience. he would have thought. in chicago. can you imagine what the city's teachers are going through? they are already among the highest-paid teachers and the nation. they make $76,000 a year.
7:29 pm
seventy-six grand. that does not include health care. did there is. most of those teachers will be making three-quarters of their salary, their highest salary when they retire. now they're having to make to with that 12 percent raise, 12 percent raises the deal. they go into four years. pretty impressive. the city also pushing for a contract that hikes the valuations of those teachers. teachers think this is unfair where they have to be tested. what they do with their student, test their student. it will be based on student performance, by the way. 35 percent of valuation within a four year timeframe. 35 percent of their evaluation will be based on the performance of their students. my goodness. hal unfair is that?
7:30 pm
you would actually expected teacher to have an impact. the union is upset. they balked at that argument. does not take into account outside factors that affected the performance such as poverty and violence. did i mention chicago is the murder capital of the country? i guess you could rent that the mayor's performance, couldn't you? it appears to us that the teachers are not taking into account the 36%, think about this, 36 percent of the eight traders in chicago are below basic levels in reading. imagine that. 36 percent of eighth graders, 40%, 40 percent are below basic. it's hard to get by reading, writing, and math if you are not
7:31 pm
going to teach. neither are they knowledge in that chicago has a shameful dropout rate. under does the year. i really am. somehow they could overcome a 40% dropout rate. think about it. what exactly did they do to earn a race. are they more productive? are they more effective? they don't even want to be evaluated for crying out loud. so i got a solution for the city of chicago. i have several solutions, but here is one just to think about. why not bring in some of the 75,000 unemployed teachers in the state of illinois to teach chicagos kids. if this group of teachers is not want to. you're not going to lose anything in performance.
7:32 pm
i think that's pretty clear. or, why not offer the job to private sector teachers who make in illinois and average of $38,000 in the private sector. let's compare that. it's half. have. half of what they are making in the chicago public schools. take it from me, the chicago teachers and the mayor are thrilled with this deal. no matter what they tell you or what they say. at least a few days, they will be taking all this taxpayer money from that federal, state, and local taxpayers and they will be taking it all the way to the bank. guaranteed. israeli prime minister netanyahu telling american voters what kind of president he would like.
7:33 pm
is the israeli leader in appropriately inserting itself into the president's election? fox news national security analyst k. t. mcfarland and ambassador john bolton are year. once upon a time general motors could not wait for uncle sam to jump in and save it. now general motors wants government out of its business. is washington ready for more capitalism? less government intervention. california is more than just a little liberal. now the state that owes more money than greece is planning to spend taxpayer dollars to create a propaganda campaign for obamacare. so... [ gasps ]
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♪ lou: the obama administration insists that the murder of our ambassador to libya was the result of a spontaneous
7:37 pm
demonstration that got out of hand. and the facts, witnesses, and the libyan government suggest exactly the opposite, that allocate a, perhaps, was behind what was an organized attack on our consulate in benghazi. fox news national security analyst k. t. mcfarland and house national -- has held nestle security posts and joins us as does former u.s. ambassador to the united nations , fox news contributor john bolton. thank you both for being here. let me ask you, talking earlier, this is a peculiar at best debate. the administration insisting against the statements of the president of libya, eyewitnesses' and intelligence sources that this was a planned, coordinated attack. why? >> why would they stand the u.n. ambassador out to say something that was so patently untrue? i think it's because they're
7:38 pm
scared. they know the middle east policy is about to go up in flames, and they want to get in front of it and say, it was not our fault. it was a spontaneous demonstration. i think they know that there will be more the misters is to come and they don't want to take the rap for it before an election. lou: let's turn to ambassador rice predecessor. what in the world is going on here? >> well, i think the obama administration recognizes that it is -- its claims that the war on terrorism is fundamentally over to my you know, general motors is alive and osama is dead as just disappeared into this tragedy in libya. and it is an effort to say that somehow or another it was just a bunch of rambunctious demonstrators who got out of hand. i think the facts are going to demonstrate that that is wrong. i think that even worse than these claims about how i happened was the state department's attempt to lock down any discussion of this on friday by saying, well, there is an fbi investigation going on.
7:39 pm
we are not going to comment on it any further. that lasted all the way until sunday, but i think really reporters -- lou: when susan rice major appearance. >> right. reporters have an obligation to find out what went on here. we have embassies all over the region. we have tens of thousands of private citizens who are in jeopardy. we need to know what the facts are. lou: there is something going on here that is peculiar, unique, unprecedented. and that is a white house that seems to be focusing primarily on representing the united states and facts abroad that are not facts at all and, in fact, are tortured by the witnesses in been gauzy by intelligence sources. there is not a single source as far as i know that corroborates what the united nations ambassador is telling the american people and what a white
7:40 pm
house is telling the american people. >> also, it is all because of this silly movie on youtube which is hardly a movie. a bunch of guys who have glue around years and this tells pretending. lou: let me corroboree what you're saying. if you have not seen this, it's hard to call the movie. it is amateurish to the point of being a cartoon. it is pitiful. and to suggest that anyone, anyone of any intelligence would give it credence in any way, even to take offense at it, it's difficult to comprehend. >> it also puts them in a very unique position because they're is a movie coming out and a few months that the administration has collaborated with and been very much a sponsor of. how is that going to be received by the muslim world? our pakistan is going to like it when they see him killed by american seals? if they're is a problem with this youtube and amateur video breaking out with demonstrations all over the muslim world, what
7:41 pm
on earth is going to happen when the movie comes out? lou: let me ask both you and john. what fool, what fool would think that these demonstrations, these terrorist attacks in benghazi all would take place without coordination, without the relationship, coincidental. you have to really have the iq of a stone to accept that. do you not, ambassador? >> i think that is probably about right. you know, it is about peace with the idea that simply having barack obama as president is going to the taste the reputation of the united states around the world. they put -- so obama has failed by his own metric, but i want to say, i think it's the wrong metric. i don't think public opinion polls should dictate american foreign policy.
7:42 pm
it has heard our reputation. it has done us neither affection nor respect. lou: let's share with our audience, by the pew research center. this is pulling. the 13th of september about the perception of the united states in the countries of jordan, pakistan, and egypt. and, as you see, they have worsened considerably since the president stepped into of this in 2009. a man who said he was going to change that negative perception of the united states. he has changed it, but for the worse. >> if you like from the atlantic ocean to afghanistan and pakistan, american foreign policy. the arabs offering is being hijacked by islamic extremists. egypt is being run by anti-american muslim brotherhood . 20,000 people have been slaughtered. of rock, it's now around. iran is getting closer to nuclear-weapons. afghanistan, we're going to have to shoot our way out.
7:43 pm
pakistan, $23 billion later, public enemy number one. lou: imagine. it is hard break. in three days, three incidents of inside attacks against our troops and more death. eight deaths over that time frame. it is, as i say, are breaking. thank you for being here. we appreciate it. thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: up next, the state of california preparing to ask even more of the president's hollywood friends. it's all on your time. don't you feel better already? coming up here tomorrow, the chief economist wells fargo, john silvia, of the former federal -- federal prosecutor, joe klein will be talking about the issues that are straightforwardly central to our future in this country. we're coming right back.
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lou: this is the one-year anniversary of the group formerly known as occupy wall street. moving on to other news the wisconsin state attorney general seeking estate and a surprise ruling friday when a wisconsin state judge threw out the law in the collective bargaining powers for most public workers. that ruling has from the state into some confusion. one major union representing nearly 5,000 teachers says it will demand in contract negotiations in light of the court decision. has not decided whether he will take the case directly to the state supreme court or to an appellate court first. obamacare propaganda coming to a television near you in california at least. the new york times is reporting that california is paying a public relations firm nearly a million dollars to try to convince hollywood producers to promote obamacare. even worse, california is using
7:48 pm
our money to push the virtues of obamacare. that's right. you may not agree with the law, but california's health benefit exchange receive nearly $240 million of federal money, and they are using some of that for this public relations contract. another brilliant idea from the bankrupt state of california which might be properly focused instead on digging out of the nearly $16 billion financial hole is in. up next, what really happened that the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the obama administration says spontaneous combustion. the libyan government, intelligence sources, eyewitnesses say otherwise. the "a-team" year to separate fact from fiction. elizabeth macdonald, james toronto here next. ve lately.
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the. lou: joining me now, the "a-team," director of the american values as digit, democratic strategist alexis mcgill johnson. fox business stocks editor, elizabeth macdonald. good to have you with us. wall street journal opinion page editor, james toronto. thank you for being here. let me, if i may, start with you, alexis. this business of the administration pushing spontaneous combustion as the reason for the assassination of our ambassador, christopher stephens, and benghazi against the eyewitness accounts, against intelligence sources. what in the world are they thinking about? >> i think the whole situation over there, you can see that it was a powder keg waiting to
7:53 pm
erupt. i mean, -- lou: stipulated. >> any luck and a population right now the the 70 percent under 25, you have a lot of young -- lou: lots. >> loss. lou: the president of libya says point-blank that this ministration is out of its ever loving mind when it comes to suggesting and contradicting the view of intelligence sources, eyewitness, and his government that it was applied by al qaeda to kill our ambassador. >> said think it actually could be a little bit of both. there is some very intense outrage around this film, and we don't know how the film -- lou: have you seen the fun? >> i have. it's very hateful, but it was marketed in a very full weight. lou: a full? don't you mean outright silly? >> it was silly, but it also was very hateful. i think it created an opportunity for other operatives lou: i don't see why anyone. [talking over each other]
7:54 pm
>> with the administration is trying to do, of course, is still attention away from its failures of tactics in terms of protecting our diplomatic personnel and our missions and also its failure in strategy which ambassador bogan talked about in the earlier segment. the idea the barack obama was going to come in and because he had lived in a muslim country, his middle name was insane or whatever, he was going to magically transform his relationship with the islamic world. i want to say a word about this film. i agree with you, it's stupid. lou: it is cartoonish. >> as an aesthetic voice and an intellectual matter, but it is protected speech. and the president takes an oath to preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states of america. i think he has been derelict in his duty in this regard. the administration has been sensitive to civil liberties. not making clear that this is protected speech, that we don't sense a speech in america regardless of how hateful or stupid it is. and actually going and asking you to to suppress the last week
7:55 pm
lou: i think you raised a critically important point, one of which i am in absolute agreement with, the fact of the matter is, you do so on a day that is provisions, not because it is the anniversary of occupy wall street which really every media outlet is regaling, but the fact is, it is also september 17th. this is constitution date. it has been neglected to be mentioned in nearly every quarter of the national media. we want to make certain that we mention it because it is a very important date where we live. let me turn, if i may, to you, liz. a very important story. general motors, i am going to set it up just a little bit. very quickly, general motors thinks that it should be relieved of its pressures that result from the bailout. isn't that nice. >> they effectively still a taxpayers $27 billion. yes, gm is a live according to the president, but alive a lot of taxpayer money. $27 billion. for us to get their money back
7:56 pm
his gm has to be trading at 53. is that stock has been under water since it went public in november 2010. it is now trading at $24. we spoke with gm, and gm effectively set, you know, it's hard for us to get executive power. the message was, the roping taxpayers will take the loss the so that we can on love this treasury ownership in gm so that we can attract talent because people don't want to come to work to do their fair share for the company. lou: they're looking for like a free enterprise job. >> executive bonuses. come on. that is what their agenda is. lou: i misunderstood entirely. i misunderstood entirely. governor romney is in trouble. how much? >> i don't know. i wonder if they're is a systematic bias in these polls because they all seemed so over several democrats. and if you look at the rasmussen told, party id, republicans are doing better than they have in the eight years that they have been taking this.
7:57 pm
lou: comfort to my comfort, embrace our entire audience tonight as he spoke those words. thank you so much. thank you very much. appreciate it. up next and one of our viewers is here with a very direct message suppress an actor is handling of the attack on libya. for coming right back. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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